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cloud gaming is coming to Android today


Microsoft’s cloud gaming service is available today for Xbox Game Pass subscribers who have an Android smartphone or tablet.

xCloud will be an Android exclusive for now

xCloud will be an Android exclusive for now

Microsoft announced last week the commercial release of its cloud gaming, known until now as the ” xCloud project “. The firm has notably confirmed that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will be able to enjoy the cloud gaming with their subscription from September 15th. In any case on Android, because on iOS, Apple continues to block this kind of service for ridiculous reasons.

Good news, if you’re impatient, you don’t necessarily have to wait until September 15 to taste the cloud gamingfrom Microsoft.

A simple beta to download today

Several American sites like The Verge have had confirmation that the service would be available as of today, August 11, for a test of the beta version of the service. To access it, all you need to do is have an Android device and download the beta version of the Xbox Game Pass app. You also need to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (still available at half price for now).

This application should quickly offer a small interface change, after the complete overhaul that took place a few weeks ago, with a “Cloud” tab appearing in addition to the “PC” and “Console” tabs. This is the way Microsoft has chosen to highlight the games that are available in its service.cloud gaming. Officially, a hundred titles should be offered from September 15.

The interface of the Xbox Game Pass application with cloud gaming

The interface of the Xbox Game Pass application with cloud gaming // Source: Frandroid screenshot

Small oddities in Microsoft’s communication, but this is not the first time, the firm announces that the service launched today is in beta while this beta status should be retained, even after September 15, and that the ‘application replaces a’previewFrom xCloud. On the other hand, Microsoft has promised a launch today, but the app does not yet offer the service. It is undoubtedly a matter of time, the time for the United States to wake up.

Razer Kishi controllers

Razer Kishi controllers // Source: Razer

Remember that to make the most of most of the games offered, you must connect a controller to your Android smartphone or tablet. You can directly connect an Xbox One Bluetooth controller, or use a dedicated controller like the Razer Kishi.


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