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Click here to know about the most expensive city in the world!


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To buy our own house, we also invest our lifetime deposits. Some people have money to buy big and luxurious houses but not all can buy such big houses. That’s why people also buy small houses, but today we are going to tell you about a city where people live in tomb size houses.

Living in the city we are talking about is so expensive that people are forced to live in tomb-sized houses. You and we cannot even imagine living in these houses.

We are talking about Hong Kong where people live in a very small place. These houses are very small even in front of a small hut. For your information, please tell that these houses built in Hong Kong are called Coffin Homes.

In these houses, everything is on a single bed and there is no place for a person to spread his legs. Where there is a kitchen there is also a bathroom. Where hen or birds are seen kept in cages, humans are also forced to live in this cage in this country.

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