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Clara Luciani and Lous and the Yakuza come to Angèle’s support


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The two singers have stepped as much as help Angèle.

Angèle reacted yesterday to accusations of sexual assault towards her brother, Romeo Elvis. In an Instagram story, she wrote: “ Just as I struggle alongside uncared for girls and minorities, I condemn actions that go towards my ideas. It is all of the extra necessary that it’s a couple of shut and surprising to study it thus. A worldwide consciousness is coming and a change of mentalities continues to be wanted, all the time and in all places. That’s all I would like. “

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This response follows specifically quite a lot of strain from the general public and notably from social networks. Many Internet customers are certainly unleashed on the singer, an necessary determine of the #MeToo motion, following the discharge of her hit “Balance your what”, in order that she will be able to specific herself on the actions of her older brother utilizing # balancetonfrere. A conduct thought of sexist and condemned by many supporters of the singer, who didn’t hesitate to come back to her support. Singers Clara Luciani and Lous and the Yakuza have additionally stepped as much as the plate, posting sturdy punchlines of their respective Instagram Stories. Clara Luciani wrote: “To all the idiots who dare to attack Angèle, you don’t have more heart than brain and I can’t even call you pigs because that would be attributing both to you ”. Same story with Lous who additionally involves assistance from Romeo Elvis’ girlfriend: ” Those who assault Lena Simonne and Angèle, you disgust me from the depths of my soul ”.That is alleged.

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