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china threats to america, australia and other countries about hongkong issue, says their eyes will be poked and blinded


Beijing. The problems of China, which is surrounded by Coronavirus all over the world, have started increasing. On the other hand, China’s troubles are also increasing on the Hong Kong issue. Amid mounting international pressure, China has threatened five countries, including the United States.

China, which is facing worldwide criticism over the Hong Kong case, is in a state of panic and has threatened the United States, Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Canada that it will take its eyes off it if it looks at this.

China stormed by America’s tough stance on Hong Kong, said- now be prepared to face the storm

In fact, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and New Zealand issued a joint statement on Hong Kong, in response to which Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian made this aggressive and sharp statement. These five countries, including the United States, have united for an intelligence partnership. This group of five countries is called ‘Five Eyes’.

“It doesn’t matter if he has five eyes or 10 eyes,” Legian said in a scathing statement. If they hurt China’s sovereignty, security and development interests, they should know that their eyes will be opened.

China violates rules in Hong Kong

Let me tell you that five countries, including the United States, said this week that China is violating the rules in Hong Kong. The foreign ministers of the five countries had said in a joint statement that the rules made by China to disqualify pro-democracy lawmakers in the Chinese government’s new preamble were wrong and were about to silence critics.

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Surrounding China over the Hong Kong issue, the United States blocked visas for Communist Party officials

The joint statement criticized China. Explain that the UK ceded Hong Kong to China under an agreement in 1997, but the agreement also stipulated that after 50 years, Hong Kong would be given autonomy in local affairs. However, now China has implemented a new security law, ending Hong Kong’s autonomy, which has been criticized around the world. Hong Kong has a population of about 7.5 million.

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