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China settles village 9 km from Doklam standoff site – 9 km from the site of Doklam standoff China settled villages within Bhutan


NBC News

China settles village 9 km from Doklam standoff site

The Chinese village is located within 2 kilometers within the Bhutanese region.

new Delhi:

China has established a village in Bhutan within 2 km, which is very close to Doklam. Where in 2017 there was a tense situation between Chinese and Indian soldiers. The village has been seen in the pictures posted by a senior journalist of the Chinese state media. In the deleted tweets, Shane Shiwai, a senior producer of Chinese CGTN News, posted pictures of the village. In which he said that it was Doklam area.


The Chinese village Pangra is located within a distance of 2 kilometers within the Bhutanese region and there is an indication that India has always feared this. China is trying to cut Indian and Bhutanese territory. The move is particularly worrying for India as it is responsible for the territorial integrity of Bhutan which has a limited armed force.

Explain that the Doklam standoff was the most serious issue between India and China before the confrontation in East Ladakh. Since the standoff in Ladakh, the two countries armed with nuclear weapons have sent thousands of soldiers to the border. Last week, government sources told NDTV that India and China have made a three-phase plan to ease tensions. However, there is no signature or agreement on the implementation of the plan yet. No time period has been agreed to implement the scheme. It will not be decided between the two sides to what extent this will happen.

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