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China and India challenge each other on the border and cause concern


Two of the rising powers, China and the India, face each other in the midst of a global crisis whose end still unknown. This is confirmed by an article published today by the BBC, which details the already indisputable rivalry that is perceived on the border between the two countries.

One of the contact points is the disputed border that crosses the Himalayas. In that region, the Indians have established outposts that worry China, to the point that on June 15 an exchange of aggressions left at least 20 dead. The fight involves a big risk, because the two contenders they are nuclear powers with huge armies.

Last year, in fact, India celebrated the inauguration of the Darbuk-Shyok-Daulat Beg Oldi (DSDBO) route, which stretches for 255 kilometers and at a height that exceeds 5,000 meters. The project took 20 years, and puts the country in conditions of mobilize troops and supplies along a strategic section.

India bets heavily on the border. Photo: BBC – Getty.

The entire edge – which has about 3,500 kilometers– He was never entirely calm. The line of demarcation is not clear, and on either side they prepare “just in case”. Rail lines, air bases, and military detachments are part of the board. What nobody knows is how can the game end.



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