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Chhath Puja: fasting devotees will offer arag to the setting sun today sun will set at 5:26 pm in Delhi


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The fasting devotees of Chhath Puja today (Friday) will offer asthachalagami to the Sun. People have made full preparations about this. Due to the non-permission of Chhath Puja at Yamuna Ghat and public place during the Corona period in Delhi, people have prepared to offer arghya on the roofs of their house. Chhath Puja will take place in Delhi this evening at 5 pm as it will be sunset at 5:26 pm.

People have bought plastic tubs for worship. Fasting people will be able to offer arghya by standing in the water filled in the tub. In some homes, instead of plastic tubs, large tubs made of rubber and brick walls have been made and filled with water by applying plastic foil over it. The altar is also built in the houses for Chhath Puja on the lines of the Ghat.

Chhath Puja Time:
20 November 2020, Sunset to Asthachalagami Sun
Sunset Time – 5:26 pm (In Delhi)
Sunset Time – 4:59 pm (in Patna)

November 21, 2020, Argh to rising sun
Sunrise Time – 6:49 am (in Delhi)
Sunrise Time – 6:11 am (in Patna)

Chairman of Purvanchal Development Organization Chhath Puja Committee, Abhay Sinha said that this time they are not conducting Puja at Yamuna Ghat. Chhath Poojan material has been made available to poor and helpless people from house to house so that people can offer it on the roof of houses. At the same time people have been requested to worship at home, so that people can avoid Corona.

Praveen Kumar Singh, Chief Conservator of Jailorwala Bagh Resident Welfare Association Ashok Vihar Phase-2, said that most of the Purvanchalis living in the area have made arrangements to provide arghya from their homes. For this, a plastic tub has been purchased, in which the vowdhari will be able to stand and offer it. The government has not allowed public worship to be held. Therefore Chhath Puja will be done in our own homes.

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Home brewing
On the second day of the four-day Chhath Pujan, there was kharing in the houses, in which jaggery pudding was made. Also worshiped. The Prasad of Thekua will be made for Chhath Puja on Friday morning. Then Arghya will be offered to the sun setting in the evening and Arghya to the rising sun in the morning. After this, the worship will end.

Fierce shopping in the market
There was a lot of shopping in the markets before giving the first arghi related to the material related to Chhath Puja. In different areas of Delhi, a crowd of women was gathered to buy worship material. In Nehru Bazaar of Paharganj, people were seen shopping for the worship material.

Police deployed on ghats
The first arghya is to be given to the setting sun on Friday. In view of this, police has been deployed at Chhath Puja Ghats so that people do not gather at the Ghats. At the same time, Secretary of the Chhath Puja Committee Delhi Pradesh Brajesh Pandey and General Secretary Thakur Jagdish Singh said that Chhath Puja has been organized at ITO Ghat for the last 40 years. But this time due to Corona, the government has not allowed worship. The vratadharis are requested not to come to the ghats to worship. Cooperate police and administration to prevent corona infection. It is good for all of us.

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