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Chanakya Niti for Life: These 3 habits belong to everyone dear there is a lot of respect in society according to chanakya niti


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Acharya Chanakya was a qualified teacher, skilled economist and great scholar. Chanakya’s policies written in Niti Shastra mention many aspects of life. These policies show man the path of right and wrong in life. People are able to achieve success easily by adopting Chanakya’s policies. Acharya Chanakya has stated in a policy that people with which qualities get respect in society.

Chanakya says that a person should never compromise with respect. Some of the things mentioned in Niti Shastra have said that many qualities are necessary for respect. Know what qualities a person gets in society.

Those who are shy or hesitant in these things become ruined, you should also know today’s Chanakya policy

1. Give respect to others- Chanakya says that every person wants that he should get respect in society. But respect is not obtained by seeking or snatching it. To get respect, it is necessary to give respect to others as well. Everyone should look at it with respect and behave equally. Chanakya says that a person who has this habit gets respect in society.

2. Be polite – According to Chanakya policy, a human being should always keep his behavior courteous to others. How a person behaves for others is also important for his success and respect. Chanakya says that a person who has the nature of humility, he also gets success with respect in society.

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3. Good compatible- Chanakya says that the way a human being is compatible, it has the same effect. Therefore one should always be compatible with good and knowledgeable people. A person living in good company gets respect in society.

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