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celebrity death 2020: iconic Hollywood celebrity’s who left us this year2020


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Celebrity death 2020

Bollywood’s iconic, phenomenal actors, hosts, singers, songwriters who left this world, are never forgettable. Their versatile performances and their dedication for their work has no alternative. They have a special place in the fan’s hearts. No one could ever replace them.

Let’s have a look at the celebrity’s death list, who left us this year:

Alex Trebex

A great host, trebek, on November 8 died of chronic disease cancer at the age of 80.Terbek, amazing host of Bollywood industry, was at the 4th stage of pancreatic cancer and he, fight bravely against this chronic disease but all in vain. For his amazing performance as a host, his name was declared in Guiness world Record.

Carol Arthur

85 years beautiful actress, carol Arthur, wife of Dolume Deluise battled with Alzheimer’s disease and died on October, 31. Carol was a versatile actress.

Ben Watkins

Master Chef junior’s contestant, Ben Watkins was a cancer patient and died on November, 16. Ben Watkins, junior master chef, fight against cancer for 18 months but couldn’t survive, he started his cooking career at the age of 3.

Nikki Mckibbin

Finalist of American idol season1, Nikki, died due to enlargement of arteries disease called aneurysm, on November, 28 at the age of 42.

Sean Connery

The franchise’s most iconic star, actor Sean, died at age of 90 during his sleep.

Billy Joe shaver

Massive stroke causes the death of singer and songwriter, Billy. Billy Joe, song writer, was famous for his writing skills.

Jerry Jeff Walker

Influential country musician, a singer, song writer, Jerry Jeff Walker, died of throat cancer on October, 23 at the age of 78. He was famous for writing the popular song “Mr. Bojangles”.

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Conchata Ferrell

Hollywood actress, popular for her character, Witty housekeeper Berta, was died due to cardiac arrest on October ,12 at the age of 70.she also played leading role in 1970’s film Heartland.


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