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Butter coffee goes viral on social media people gave funny reaction


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Butter coffee became viral on social media, so people gave such a reaction, they said - 'This is what remains to be seen'

Butter coffee became viral on social media, so people reacted like this

Have you ever heard of Butter Coffee? You will be surprised to know that a person who shops a roadside shop in Old Delhi sells butter coffee. Food blogger Amar Sirohi visited Haveli Bakhtawar lane near Jama Masjid near Jama Masjid and Butter Coffee P. He has also shared this experience in a video on his Instagram page. .

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Asimuddin has a stall in the narrow lane and has been selling butter coffee for the last 20 years. In the video, you can see that to make it, they put milk in a glass and mixed coffee powder and butter in it. He added sugar to it. After this, they served butter coffee in a cup and sprinkled cocoa powder on it.

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Amar Sirohi tried to drink butter coffee and said that it has a salty, caramelized taste. He said in the video, “It’s not as bad as I thought. But this is not good. ”Butter coffee costs 30 rupees for each cup.

People on the Internet are sharing their comments and views on this video. One user said, “Never seen this before.” Another wrote in the comment, “Wait for a few days. People will also start making paneer coffee. ”

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