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Businessman Anand Mahindra Sharing Game Help His Followers Decide Their Next Holiday Destination – Which country to go for holiday? Anand Mahindra had a funny tweet, said


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Which country to go for holiday? Anand Mahindra had a fun tweet

Traveling between coronavirus pandemic is quite risky. Governments of many countries around the world started implementing lockdown in March this year, so people are staying indoors as much as possible to prevent and control the spread of the virus. In such a situation, businessman Anand Mahindra is helping Twitter followers to decide their next holiday destination. He shared a game on Twitter. You must be feeling very strange to hear how Anand Mahindra can give suggestions to roam in an epidemic. But there is a twist in this.

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This morning, the Mahindra Group president took to Twitter to share a mathematical game that would help his followers decide if they should travel. In the picture posted by him, it can be seen that the numbers are written behind the names of the country. For example, next to one is New Zealand, two next is Mexico, three is Canada. And countries are written in the same way.

In the post he shared, he asked people to choose any number between one and nine. Asked to multiply the chosen number by three. Then asked to add three to it and then multiply it by three. Asked to add the two numbers that were formed. You can roam in that country which becomes a joining number.

The destination written next to the last number they received is the one where they should travel next.


What floor did you get? The clever twist in this puzzle is that no matter what number you choose in the first step, the final answer will always be 9 – which is “stay at home”.

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Sharing the puzzle, Anand Mahindra wrote, ‘Cruel! But accurate … ‘Anand Mahindra is being highly praised on social media for telling him to stay at home in a clever way.

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