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Bollywood Box Office and key variables that strengthens Box Office


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Bollywood Box Office

Development of a country is totally based on the economy. Stronger the economy, more developed will be a country. Indian film industry has a bright future as they are the top rated and most watched movies in the whole world. Bollywood industry earns huge amount of revenues that stabilizes the economy of a country.

Collection of Bollywood Box office is directly related to the success of a movie, more will be the viewers higher will be the collection and movie will be top rated and hit. Here are the list of movies of 2019 earning high amount of revenues:

Avenger               366 crore

War (Hindi)         300 crore

Kabir Singh          273.2 crore

Houseful 4          203.2 crore

Bharat                   201.3 crore

Good news         160 crore

Dream girl           136.05 crore

Avenger is the top rated and block bustard movie of 2019 which earns highest revenue of more than 300 crore and plays a positive impact on box office.


Variables that play vital role in the success of a film are stars, Directors, producers, Audience reviews sales and most importantly performance of stars. Famous and attractive stars, whom people applauses more and dedicated and hardworking directors with a good and heart touching stories and eye captivating scenes urges the public to show their love for movie and indirectly all these factors hits the film and strengthens the Bollywood box office by earning more revenues.

Film piracy problems and high taxes had limited the revenues and India is facing so many challenges these days. As it’s the age of technology, people have no time for cinemas. They prefer to watch movies online, so less amount of tickets are sold out hence less amount of revenues are earned. Moreover, large budgets are spent in the making of movies but earning is not according to expectations.

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