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bollywood actress kangana ranaut asks fans to reject bollywood word calls it copied from hollywood – kangana ranaut told ‘bollywood’


Actress Kangana Ranaut remains very active on social media. She keeps giving her opinion on the issue. This time he has shared a post about the Bollywood industry. Kangana believes that the word Bollywood has been stolen from ‘Hollywood’. Together they have appealed everyone to reject the word ‘Bollywood’. Kangana has described the term as derogatory.

Kangna has tweeted and asked people to reject Bollywood. In the tweet he wrote, “The most ridiculous is that the word ‘Bollywood’ has been copied from ‘Hollywood’ itself.” This word has been stolen from them. This is a derogatory term that should be rejected. Please reject this derogatory word. ” With this, Kangana has given hashtags #IndiaRejectBollywood.

Only after this tweet did the hashtag go viral. Kangana’s fans have also given their reactions by supporting her. One fan wrote, ‘Swachh Bharat, Bollywood Free India.’ The other fan commented, “I will not watch any Bollywood film.” At the same time, some people have associated it with Sushant Singh Rajput and wrote, “For us Bollywood Bollywood Industry 14 was over.”

Disagreements are also being filed with consent on this post. There are some people who do not agree with Kangna’s request for Bollywood rejects. However, Kangana has made it clear that she does not like the word Bollywood at all. He has also requested people to dislike it through his new hashtag #IndiaRejectBollywood.

Told herself Bollywood’s first ‘action heroine’

Talking about the workfront, Kangana has started her preparations for the films ‘Tejas’ and ‘Dhakad’. The Tejas actress described herself as Bollywood’s first action heroine. He has written that, I have started my training for both these films. Maybe Bollywood has given me something but I have also given Bollywood its first action heroine.


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