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BJP employees celebrating on PM Modis birthday, Explosion video got here out – BJP employees burnt firecrackers on PM Modi’s birthday

PM मोदी के जन्मदिन पर BJP कार्यकर्ताओं ने जलाए पटाखे तो हुआ धमाका, VIDEO आया सामने

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BJP workers burnt firecrackers on PM Modi's birthday, VIDEO came out

BJP employees explode firecrackers


In Chennai, Tamil Nadu, on Thursday, on the seventieth birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, greater than a dozen BJP employees have been injured once they burnt firecrackers to have a good time however there was an enormous explosion. A video of this blast is turning into fairly viral.

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The video exhibits numerous BJP employees celebrating with helium balloons amidst fireworks, out of the blue an explosion would happen and all of the individuals begin operating round. In reality, the BJP employees holding helium balloons of their palms caught fireplace.

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Some of them have been seen attempting to keep away from the flames close to a giant poster of the Prime Minister. Moments of chaos instantly after the explosion have been captured on digital camera.

The street is crowded and a few individuals are seen asking individuals to scrub the positioning. Visuals additionally present the police attempting to take inventory of the scenario. A member of the BJP’s Tamil Nadu unit instructed NDTV, “More than a dozen members suffered very minor accidents. Fireworks engulfed helium-filled balloons, inflicting an explosion. “

However, the competition can also be seen as a violation of prohibitory orders within the state, which restricts the meeting of greater than 5 individuals.

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