In the last episode of the show, Nikki’s strategy in the nomination task was shocked by the family and viewers.

The nomination task requires that the contestants retain the masks provided to them until the end of the task in order to remain in the ‘green zone’. Nikki takes the mask and confronts Rahul Vaidya and puts it in his pants to keep it close to him. The house turned against Nikki for her actions.

Now, tonight, a new bond will be seen between Rahul and Nikki.

Rahul sees Jasmine and Ali’s close bonding and wishes for a friend who can bond with them just like them. She has a conversation with Nikki. Nikki gets upset because she thought that Rahul considers her a good friend. She is hurt and cries, soon Rahul consoles her.

Oh, is that so!

Do you want to see them as a couple?