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Big Bang Theory Cast : American’s Intellectual cast


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Big Bang Theory Cast

Written by Chuck Lorre and Bill prady, the Big bang theory is an American television sitcom. In this movie, the five characters originally have been centered. The four characters have been shown as very intelligent co-workers at a science University, Who live their lives in the fantasy world of science, comic books, and video games. Especially the two characters, Leonard and Sheldon, live nearby the beautiful Penny.


Let’s have a look the characters of this Big Bang theory cast:

Leonard Hofstadter is a physicist at Caltech University. Leonard has been taken as a principal character. He is a straight forward man. Leonard is a PhD, and also roommates with Sheldon Cooper. Leonard desires a beautiful Penny who lives nearby his apartment.

Sheldon is a senior theoretical physicist, an extraordinary intelligent.  He has no opinion about social norms but intellectual curiosity. He shares an apartment with his best friend Leonard in the first ten seasons of Big Bang Theory, They are also friends and co-workers with Howard Wolfowitz and Raj Koothrappali. In season 10, Sheldon moves to another apartment with his girlfriend Amy Farrah Fowler.

Penny is a fictional character, lives across from the apartment of Leonard and Sheldon. They become friends but Penny has a flirtatious relationship with Leonard. She works in a Cheesecake factory, she also dates men but they treat her badly. The only one thing which makes Leonard jealous is Penny’s outgoing with the bookstore owner. She maintains a strong relationship with Leonard during season three to fifth but they engaged at the end of the seventh season. Their wedding takes place at the start of season 9.

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Howard Wolfowitz is characterized as an engineer, who works on NASA projects. He has only a master’s degree. Wolfowitz, is a Jew man, and he has his own old fashions, which recalls the era of the 1970s. He lives with his mother but considers himself a Lady’s man. Howard Wolfowitz wears a turtle neck and wide buckle belt.

Raj Koothrappali is an Indian who came to America to study and work as a physicist. His religion is Hinduism. He is very kind to Sheldon rather than Leonard, Howard, and Penny. Raj can’t speak to women until he will not drink alcohol. He speaks fluently Hindi,

But Sheldon, says him that his mother tongue is English.

The whole big bang cast is so much intelligent, confident and committed to their work , giving the society positive vibes.

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