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Top 7 Best Pubs and Bars in Delhi (Feb 2020)


Delhi or Dilli is one city of India where everything is glittery. It is the ultimate capital for decadence and drinking. For a Delhite, weekends are for whiskey and shots. No one knows to party as much as the people in Delhi. In Delhi, every crowd has a different pub for hanging out. The South Delhi pubs are for jazz and while the west Delhi ones are where Bollywood and dance music plays all night. Most of these pubs are located at hubs popular for youths. Most of these pubs also host live gigs and have special offers on weekends. Unlike the best Kolkata bars and pubs, Delhi pubs and bars are almost housefull every other day. Let us check out the best pubs where the Delhiites chill.

Top 7 Best Pubs & Bars in Delhi Where you can Chill AF

1. Imperfecto Ruin Pub in Delhi

best delhi pubs-Imperfecto Ruin 2 best delhi pubs-Imperfecto Ruin 1

The imperfecto is one of the growing chains of pub becoming popular with party animals of Delhi/NCR region. It is cool and hippy. The neon lights and the gothic graffiti is what adds to the USP of the pub. The decor inside is a clear rendition of Avant grande decor and upside furniture. The pub clears looks like a rave party during the weekend. The rooftop is an ideal spot for romantic dates. Imperfecto ruin pub has the best sangria in Noida, along with delicious rainbow pizza and barbeque pork ribs.

2. PCO – Pass Code Only Delhi Pub

best delhi pubs-PCO

Stands for Pass Code Only, this pub is a remembrance to the prohibition period in 1920s America, where pubs were a place for secret meetings for gangsters. The pub is exclusive and located in the posh locality of South Delhi. It reminds of a speakeasy with vintage decor inside along with the classic vibe of cocktails and jazz. One has to know the password to gain access as there are no signboards. It is recommended to make a reservation to know the secret code.

3. Summer House Cafe – Best Delhi Pub

top delhi pubs-Summer House

Located at one of the popular party hubs for the youngster, ie, Hauz Khaz Village, the summer house cafe is one of the drinking booths in Delhi. The pub has quaint and breezy interiors. It is a great place for romantic dinners as it has a rooftop bar. The pub hosts karaoke, ladies night, and live music every week. Summer house cafe is one of the pubs to enjoy some beer with  the best mezze platter and jalapeno cheese fingers

4. Bombay Bar – Top Delhi Pub

best delhi pubs-bombay bar

For the Mumbaikars residing in Delhi, do not worry as there is some part of the city embedded in this pub. The Bombay Bar is a rendition of what the city of dreams stands for. It has interiors of the retro age with disco lights and Bollywood theme embedded all over the place. The food and cocktails are named after the popular points of the city. Here you can groove to some Bollywood music and cherish Queen’s necklace cocktail, or snack on some Chowpatty chakna and Khau Galli platter. The pub surely creates the perfect nostalgia to the city of dreams

5. Duty-free – Delhi Pub

best delhi pubs-duty free Delhi pubs

Although newly opened in West Delhi, this pub has become the popular hub for weekend party goers of Delhi. The pub has a vintage Victorian outlook with dim lighting and sturdy wooden furniture. The pipes on the ceiling add to the quirk of the place. Duty-free is a pub which has the old world rustic charm with a well-lit bar and some liquor free of taxes.

6. Social Offline

top delhi pubs-social offline 2 top delhi pubs-social offline

Amidst the crowd and the hustle-bustle of Delhi, one just needs some quiet time to spend with themselves or their close ones. The social offline is a pub located in the Hauz Khas village. It is a popular chain of social pubs across India. The Social Offline is a rendition of quietude. You can come and unwind yourself at this pub. Read a book or just drink with friends, the pub is all about connecting. The balcony sitting is great for brunch or breakfast. The pub does not have any need lights or plays loud music. Try their china box and pork ribs, it is delicious.

7. House of Commons – Best Delhi Pubs

best delhi pubs-house of commons

This place resembles a pub straight out of the city of London. It has a rustic Victorian feel of an underground pub in central London. The pub has a British vibe as you will groove into British pop and classical music. The house of commons is one of the few gastropub’s if Delhi were people come to drink, party, and watch live matches simultaneously.

The pubs of Delhi are more upscale than any other city of India. Every part of Delhi has a different crowd, and you shall see the crowd resembling the region. There is a pub for everyone in Delhi, be it the partygoer or the beer drinker or just the person who listens to live gigs, Delhi’s pub culture has a place for everyone.

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