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Bengal BJP chief Dilip Ghosh again repeated threats of violence – should we serve them tea? – Bengal BJP chief Dilip Ghosh again threatens repeated violence – should we serve them tea?

बंगाल BJP प्रमुख दिलीप घोष ने फिर दोहराई हिंसा की धमकी -

Ghosh told NDTV in an interview, “They will target my car, they will break the hands and feet of my workers, they will lynch them – should we serve them tea? We have not given any paper to say We will stand up and be beaten up. “

“We are not speaking from some air-conditioned rooms. We are fighting on the ground. 120 workers have sacrificed themselves,” he said when asked if the BJP supported the violence, adding, “I never Said that BJP will beat anyone. I said that the central forces who come here will beat anyone who will create problems.

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Targeting the Trinamool Congress government in West Bengal led by Mamta Banerjee, he said, “Ask the government why bomb blasts happen every day? Why are political activists murdered? Has any person been punished?” “

Earlier this month, Dilip Ghosh issued a controversial warning to supporters of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee that he should recuperate in his own way or he could risk breaking his arms and legs and even died Can also go. Ghosh said at a rally in Haldia that “Didi’s brothers, who are causing trouble, should change their habits in the next six months or else your hands, feet, ribs and head will break. You will have to travel to the hospital.” And if you do more than that, then you have to go to the crematorium. “

Trinamool Congress leader Mamta Banerjee is known as Didi. In West Bengal, bitter rivalry between Trinamool and BJP has increased. Assembly elections are due in the state next year. Both sides have accused each other of political violence and attacks on each other’s supporters.

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Dilip Ghosh’s remarks came two days after Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s visit to Bengal. Shah has set an ambitious target of winning 200 out of 294 seats in the state.

Some people come to Bengal in elections, return with big promises: Mamta
Targeting the BJP indirectly, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said on Friday that some people come to the state before the elections and return with broad promises, but she stands with the public the entire time. Inaugurating a Chhath Puja ceremony in the city, Banerjee said that her government does not believe in giving speeches only during elections. Without naming the BJP central leaders who have come to West Bengal in the last few months, Banerjee said, “There are some people who come to the state only before the elections and during the elections.” They make elaborate speeches and then return. Unlike them, we stay with the public throughout the year.

Assembly elections are due in West Bengal in April-May next year. While requesting people to participate in Chhath Puja following the rules of Kovid-19, the Chief Minister said that his government did not stop people from celebrating Eid, Durga Puja, Kali Puja and now Chhath. Banerjee said that many states have asked people to do Chhath Puja at home, but we have allowed people to go to ponds and ponds in small groups.

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Bengal BJP chief threatens TMC – Be careful or else you will break your arms and legs

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