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Baby Elephant Tried To Hide Behind Pole After Being Caught Eating Sugarcane In Field See Viral Photo


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The man caught the elephant child red-handed eating sugarcane in the field, the animal did something like that…

On social media, the picture of an baby elephant is becoming increasingly viral. In the picture, the elephant is trying to hide after eating sugarcane (Elephant Hides Behind Pole). According to Boring Panda, a man in Chiang Mai, Thailand, caught the elephant baby red-handed, after which he hid behind a pillar.

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The baby elephant was entering the field and eating sugarcane. As soon as he saw the man approaching, he hid behind the pillar. It seemed to him that if he would stand behind the pillar, no one would see him. According to a Daily Mail report, the elephant was still standing when the locals shone the spotlight on it, hoping not to splash it.

The hilarious picture was posted on Facebook with a caption (translated from Thai) that read: “Stay calm. Officers will see. Let’s continue eating sugarcane.”

Made many funny comments on this picture shared on Facebook. The picture quickly spread to other social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit. Elephants are known to love bananas and sugarcane. Earlier this year, Indian Forest Service officer Sushant Nanda shared a video of another sugarcane thief.


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