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Assange was watched as “in a movie”, says his lawyer

Baltazar Garzon, lawyer for Julian Assange (photo: Pierre-Philippe Marcou / AFP)

Madrid, Spain – Baltasar Garzn, Julian Assange’s lawyer, said the WikiLeaks founder was watched as “in a movie” when he was a refugee at the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

Julian Assange denounced the Spanish company Undercover Global for spying on him for years because of the United States, while he was asylum at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where he remained between 2012 and 2019.

That company was part of that time in charge of security at the diplomatic headquarters.

“You could say that it really happens in spy movies, but this is not a spy movie,” former Judge Garzn told reporters as he left the Madrid National Court, where he had to testify on Monday in defense of the your client.

“Something scandalous,” added Garzn, referring to the video surveillance images that were presented to them, and in which Assange was seen at the Ecuadorian embassy talking to his lawyers.

According to the complaint filed by the Australian, the Spanish company placed microphones and cameras in different parts of the embassy, ​​even in the women’s bathroom, where the Australian held many of his meetings. Microphones would also have been installed on the base of the fire extinguishers, according to the complaint.

Assange’s defense, currently in London, hopes that the espionage case in Spain will help him in the extradition process initiated by the United States against him.

In the process, the 49-year-old Australian could face a 175-year sentence in prison for having released more than 700,000 classified documents from US military and diplomatic activities in Iraq, Afghanistan and many other countries since 2010.

“We made all this material available to the British judicial authorities, because they have a direct impact on extradition and demonstrate, from our point of view, that Julian Assange was the object of political persecution,” added Baltasar Garzn, responsible for Assange’s defense in Spain.

The Spanish system of Justia also heard the testimonies of Stella Morris, a lawyer for Assange and the mother of two of her children, and Fidel Narvez, a former Ecuadorian consul in London.

“Julian is in bad shape, but a little better, say, pending the continuation of the extradition process” to the United States, which is due to resume on September 7, Garzn said.

Also in relation to the alleged espionage case, Spanish justice admitted in June a complaint by former Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa against Undercover Global. In it, Correa accuses the company of following him and taking pictures of his meetings with Baltasar Garzn.


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