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Ariana Grande is officially engaged to Dalton Gomez


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The two families say they are happy with this announcement.

Ariana Grande has been living a great love affair with Dalton Gomez for a year now. But it seems to take on another dimension since she would have accepted his marriage proposal. She has indeed unveiled her engagement ring on Instagram.

“Forever and more,” writes the 27-year-old singer in the caption of several photos of her and her future husband. “They couldn’t be happier, they’re so excited. It’s a happy moment for them, and their parents are delighted ”, explained a source close to the couple to the magazine People. Ariana Grande’s mother also commented on her daughter’s post with a ” very very happy “.

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The singer and the luxury real estate agent have been dating since last January, although she has been kept very secret about her relationship and her private life. In March 2020, they had already made the choice to confine themselves to two. But it was not until June that Ariana Grande formalized her relationship with Dalton Gomez by posting a photo of them at home.

In 2018, Ariana Grande already had “yes” to Pete Davidson, after barely three weeks of relationship. The couple broke up a few months later.

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