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Are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Getting Divorced? – Kim Kardashian to divorce from husband Kanye West? The first two marriages also failed


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New Delhi: Poplur TV star, American model, businesswoman Kim Kardashian remains in the headlines throughout the day. Kim is popular on social media due to her bold photos. Crores of people follow them. In such a situation, everyone is eager to know the information related to them. Now there is news about Kim Kardashian that she is going to divorce her husband Kanye West.

Both are living separately

The pairing of Kim and Kanye West is well liked. The two often share romantic photos with each other on social media. But now there are reports that something is not going well between the two for a long time. Both are living separately at this time. According to reports, Kim is living in Los Angeles with her four children, while her husband Kanye has her own farm house in West Wyoming.

Kim’s third marriage

It is being said that Kim has decided to part with Kanye. Kanye West is a popular rapper. Both of them got married in the year 2014. But this seven-year marriage is now on the verge of ending. This is Kim Kardashian’s third marriage.

Poplur for curvy body

Please tell that Kim Kardashian is the highest paid TV star. She is also known for her curvy body. His photos attract millions of likes. Simultaneously, in 2007, Kim photographed nude for Playboy magazine, which was discussed worldwide. At the same time, talk about her husband Kanye West, he came to the headlines some time ago due to the US elections. There were reports that he too had nominated for the presidency.

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