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Anushka Sharma Baby Bump Photo: Anushka Sharma did a photoshoot for the magazine with Baby Bump, see viral photos


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Film actress Anushka Sharma is about to become a mother soon and recently she has done a photoshoot for a magazine. Now the cover page of that magazine has been released. Anushka Sharma can be seen with Baby Bump in it. He has also told about his journey during pregnancy. He has also said how his friends have helped him.

Anushka Sharma shared the magazine’s cover on Instagram and wrote, ‘I am sharing for myself, Vogue India for a lifetime. It was fun to do it ‘. In the photo, Anushka Sharma is seen wearing a bralette and also she has a cream color. Anushka Sharma while talking to Vogue magazine has said that it was a pleasure to be pregnant in lockdown, due to which her husband and cricketer Virat Kohli stayed with her and nobody even came to know that she is pregnant because she was at home only.

Anushka Sharma says, ‘The epidemic proved to be a blessing for us. Virat lived around me and we managed to hide it. We only went to the doctor’s clinic. Nobody could see us if no one was on the road. ‘ Anushka also said that she was promoting her film Bulbul in the early days of conception. At the same time, she got dizzy and fainted.

Anushka says, ‘I stopped my video and messaged my brother Karneesh who was in the call, and asked them to stay for 10 minutes. If I was in the studio, everyone would have known this. ‘ Anushka also said that she used to be busy and both have built a gender-neutral nursery for their baby. Anushka said, ‘I don’t believe boys should wear blue and girls should wear pink. Our nursery has all the colors. ‘

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