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anupama serial a big twist will change the life of anupama vanraj and kavya


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Will Anupama and Vanraj's relationship change with this person's entry on the set of Anupamaa, will it change or improve?


Special things

  • The disappearance of Vanraj caused an earthquake in Anupama’s life
  • Entry of new person is going to be done on the set
  • New modes can be seen in serial soon

New Delhi:

In the famous TV show Anupamaa, there are one twist to see. On the one hand, the family members are worried about Anupama and Vanraj’s divorce. On the other hand, the sudden disappearance of Vanraj causes earthquake in the life of Anupamaa. Anupama starts looking for Vanraj without thinking anything. Now Anupama is going to enter a new person in the show. At the same time, the story will be seen revolving around it. On the other hand, Kavya (Kavya) is constantly blaming Anupama for Vanraj’s disappearance. Kavya feels unfulfilled by Vanraj’s disappearance.

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Actually Anupama gets a call from Dr. Advait Khanna. They tell Anupama that her husband i.e. Vanraj’s life is in danger. Anupamaa is stunned to learn this. Please tell that Dr. Advait Khanna is an old friend of Anupama who treats people with music therapy.

This was reel life, if we talk about real life, then there is a lot of fun and fun on the set. It can be seen in the video that everyone is seen having a lot of fun on the set. It can be guessed by watching the video that a new mode is going to be seen in the serial soon. At the moment, there are fierce reactions to this video of fans.


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