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Antony Starr claims Homelander will be a lot crueler in season 3

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Season 2 of The Boys has just ended, but Season 3 is coming soon, and apparently Homelander will be even more cruel!

Season 2 of The Boys had barely launched when Amazon Prime Video ordered a season 3. With a surge of violence and bloodshed, Season 2 seemed to have already reached the height of insanity. However, it could be that Homelander becomes even more cruel in the next season.

Indeed, the actor Antony starr, playing the leader of Seven, told Collider that series creator Eric Kripke would have hinted at Homelander’s future. Only a few words, but two words that will undoubtedly weigh in the balance. Homelander should switch to ” Murderous madness “.

“It’s literally the only thing I know about season 3. Based on what happened in season 2, it looks like we’ve gone for a bit of murderous madness. The season for [Homelander] was a quest for identity, a deep dive into himself, he was struggling to find himself, to regain confidence, to find a balance, which he cannot do. (…) I can’t wait to see Homelander let go. It will be really fun, just to see him go wild and take revenge. ”

Homelander will therefore be completely out of control in season 3. Which should give Butcher and his gang a hard time. As a reminder, a spin-off of the series is also in preparation.


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