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Amla ka juice peene ke fayde in hindi best time to drink amla juice know benefits according to ayurveda


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There are some such things mentioned in Ayurveda, whose regular intake not only provides relief from various diseases, but also keeps the skin young. Amla is one of these Ayurvedic herbs. Amla, rich in vitamin-C, is beneficial in every season. It is not only beneficial for eyes, hair and skin, it also has many other benefits, which help in keeping your body healthy. Often, many people are skeptical about when to consume Amla, especially Amla juice.

When and in what quantity should we drink Amla juice
Take only 10 mg of Amla juice on an empty stomach in the morning. It can be increased to 20 mg. Consuming more Amla juice than this can be harmful for health. You can also take it twice at different times.

Benefits of drinking Amla and its juice-
– Amla nectar is similar to eyes, it helps in increasing the light of the eyes. For this, taking one spoon of Amla powder with honey daily is beneficial and cataract problem is also eliminated.
-To get rid of the fever, it should be consumed with a sprinkling of Indian gooseberry juice, in addition to the pain in the teeth and cavity, adding a little camphor to the juice of the gooseberry and applying it on the gums provides relief.
-Ambal is the best solution when the heat increases in the body. It provides coolness by consuming Amla juice or eating Amla in any form. If there is hiccup and vomiting, taking juice of Indian gooseberry with sugar candy two to three times a day will provide great relief.
– Amla is also useful for you to remove facial spots and make it beautiful. By applying its paste on the face, the skin is clear, shiny and wrinkles are also reduced.

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Benefits of consuming with these things
Prepare as a paste by crushing Amla, mix two spoons of gooseberry pulp and two spoons of honey and take it twice a day. There will not be a cold, if it is, it will be cured.
Drink only one teaspoon of Amla juice on an empty stomach for 6-7 days. This will kill stomach worms. The stomach will be clean.
People suffering from diabetes can also take Amla juice. Amla is effective in controlling blood sugar.
If there is burning sensation in the stomach, drink Amla and honey on an empty stomach. Will be relieved.
Amla is also very beneficial for cough. Take the gooseberry jam with milk. You will get relief in cough.
Amla is effective in whitening white hair. Soak two to three whole gooseberries in coconut oil overnight. Massage this oil in the morning. The hair will turn black and also be strong.

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