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Amitabh Bachchan gets emotional after sharing 45-year-old picture of ‘Sholay’ premiere


Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan is often very active on social media. Especially, they keep sharing everything on Twitter. This time Big B released the iconic film in 1975 ‘cinder’ Shared a post about Sholay is the same film that took Hindi cinema to a different level.

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Bachchan sahab wrote in his tweet number 3504-

‘August 15, 1975 at Minerva Cinemahal ‘cinder’ The film premiered .. Maa, Babuji, Jaya and I … Jaya looks very beautiful ..! Actually, it was a 35mm print, the 70mm stereo got stuck in the custom and was able to be found only after the premiere was over … However, some of us came back and premiered again on the 70mm stereo by 3 am saw!

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Actually, Ramesh Sippy ‘cinder’ Wanted to make India’s grand film. The 35mm format was shortened to make the film iconic. So it was decided to make it with 70mm and stereophonic sound. But at that time Sholay’s budget was increasing due to shooting with cameras from abroad. In this sense, the majority of the film’s shooting was done in 35mm and was blown up to 70mm.

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Released on 15 August 1975 ‘cinder’ Had celebrated Golden Jubilee (50 weeks) in 60 places in India and Silver Jubilee (25 weeks) in more than 100 theaters. Sholay, made for just Rs 3 to 4 crores, premiered at Minerva Cinemahal in Mumbai.

‘cinder’ The film had set a record of running for 5 consecutive years at Minerva Cinemahal in Bombay. Prior to this, the Bombay Talkies film ‘Kismet’ (1943) ran continuously for three and a half years in Calcutta. After this, the record of ‘Sholay’ was broken by ‘Dilwale Dulhani Le Jayenge’.

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When ‘Sholay’ was released, it was critically criticized by the film critics, but when the film became a blockbuster, most of the notes were suddenly changed. After this it came to be called Classic and Cult Movie. Sholay is the only film that started giving the scriptwriters better respect and money in Bollywood.

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It is said that ‘cinder’ Ramesh Shippy’s first choice for Jai’s role in the film was Shatrughan Sinha, but Salim-Javed and Dharmendra suggested him Amitabh’s name. While many of Amitabh’s films were flopping. But Salim-Javed had seen Amitabh’s acting in the film ‘Zanjeer’.

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