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American TV And Stage Actress ‘Mischa Barton’


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Mischa Barton

Daughter of an Irish Mother, Nuala, Mischa Barton, is a British-American TV and Stage Actress. The beautiful TV and Stage Actress Graduated from professional children’s school in Manhattan in 2004.Born on January 24,1986 in London , the versatile actress entered in the acting field at the age of 8.Paul Marsden, the father of this versatile actress was a photographer and Exchange Broker.

Career Startups:

In the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, the brilliant guy takes summer short course called Acting Shakespeare in London. She also worked in several TV commercials and print advertising compaigns.The phenomenal actress also become a Spokesperson for SAFE campaign in 2007.She preferred to do intellectual roles.


The American actress also appeared in various movies. Let’s have a look at the movies in which the versatile actress gives an outstanding performance:

  • Polio water
  • Lawn Dogs
  • Pups
  • A Resurrection
  • Zombie killers
  • The Malevolent
  • The toybox
  • Papa
  • The Cat and the moon
  • Spree

In Movie spree, the talented actress played the role of London and in the movie papa, she played the role of Jennifer.

Television Appearances:

The talented actress also appeared in several TV shows and attract the audiences with her Glamorous looks and amazing acting skills. Let’s have a look at the TV shows in which she appeared:

  • All my children
  • New York crossing
  • Fastlane
  • Recover Road
  • Dancing with the stars
  • The jonesses unplugged
  • The Hills

Music Videos:

The phenomenal American actress also appeared in several Music Videos. Let’s have a look at the Music videos in which this versatile actress appeared:

  • Addicted
  • Goodbye my Lover
  • Everybody’s on the Run
  • Coming Through
  • Turn it off
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Theatre appearances:

The versatile American actress is both famous for her roles in film industry as well as in Theatre. Let’s have a look at her theatre appearances:

  • Slavs!
  • Twelve Dreams
  • Where the truth les
  • One Flea spare
  • Steel Magnolias


The brilliant actress, Mischa Barton is famous for her acting skills and is also appreciated by the audience as well. She was nominated for many appreciation awards and achieved Teen Choice Award for the Best Female TV star.

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