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American singer Ryan Adams given clean cheat in old case – American singer Ryan Adams was accused of sending obscene messages to a minor, now got a clean chit


NBC News

Mumbai. In 2019, American singer and songwriter Ryan Adams was accused of sending sexual messages to one of his minor female fans, after which the FBI was assigned the responsibility of investigating it. The agency has now given him a clean chit.

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Investigation halted until late 2019
The website page Six quoted a source as saying, “Ultimately, the FBI did not find any evidence against Adams to prove that he was a culprit, so the investigation was stopped by the end of 2019. In 2019, a report by The New York Times revealed that there was a long conversation between Adams and one of his fans.

Talk was done on video call
It was reported that 14-year-old Ava (changed name) Adams was talked about on many platforms other than Twitter. By the time Ava was 16, there were about 3,000 messages exchanged between the two. Ava also sent some pictures to Adams. Adams was 40 at the time. According to a claim in the New York Times, the singer had asked Ava to prove she was 18 years old. Although the two have never met in person, Ava had stated that the two were also connected via video calls over Skype.

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No real identity evident
It is believed that Ava is now 21 years old. She says she was not underage at the time, but never revealed her true identity. Here, Adams’ lawyer also stated that his clients can never have sexual conversations, knowing that the girl is a minor.

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