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American Pop Singer Rihanna Controversies – Rihanna has mocked religions by writing photoshoots outside the mosque and Bhagwat Geeta’s slogan on the hip


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New Delhi. American pop singer Rihanna is more a topic of discussion in India these days than abroad. Recently, Rihanna has made a mark in every household in India by tweeting on the farmers movement. At the same time, it seems that Rihanna also has a deep connection with controversies. That is why sometimes she gets trolled about the peasant movement, sometimes she wears the noise of Lord Ganesha wearing necklace. Let us introduce you to those controversies of Rihanna today. Because of which he had to remain in the headlines a lot.

Seen drunk in public

Rihanna is often found consuming Weed. Surprisingly, she takes the video public. Not only this, she has openly stated on social media that she consumes marijuana. His photo became increasingly viral on social media. In which it was seen that she is consuming Weed in front of everyone.


Photoshoot done outside the mosque

Rihanna faced the most criticisms when she got a photoshoot done in front of the mosque. Actually, this is the year of 2013. When Rihanna was seen doing photoshoot in front of the famous Sheikh Zayed Shahi Mosque in Abu Dhabi. Rihanna wore red lipstick and heavy jewelry with black hijab during the photoshoot. As soon as people came to know about this, they immediately expelled them from there. On social media, people also called Rihanna very bad at that time.

Rihanna Boyfriend

Boyfriend beating

Rihanna, who speaks impassively on social media, is killed by her boyfriend. Yes, a picture was revealed on social media. In which Rihanna was injured. It was being told that Rihanna’s boyfriend Chris had punched her face strongly. Because of which his lip was clenched.

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Performed lounger on Islamic songs

Rihanna has often been seen mocking religious sentiments. Rihanna also made a lot of headlines at that time. When he shot a lounger brand. In this shoot, he played the song of Islamic religion.


Tattooed in Sanskrit language on hip

Rihanna had a tattoo done on her hip. Bhagwat Geeta had some words written on this tattoo done in Sanskrit language. On which there was a lot of ruckus.

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