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American Actress Jessica Campbell Found Dead In Bathroom Unknown Reaso – Actress found dead in bathroom, died in mysterious circumstances .. Post mortem report is waiting for family


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New Delhi American actress and doctor Jessica Campbell died mysteriously. He died on the 29th of December. She had been found dead at her Portland home. Even after so long after Jessica’s death, her postmortem report has not been revealed yet. This thing is surprising everyone. Jessica was a Naturopath Physician. The news of his death has been confirmed by his cousin Sarah Wessling. They told that she had gone to the bathroom but did not return after that.

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Jessica’s family wants to know the real cause of her death. Although, according to the family, Jessica had some difficulty breathing before her death, but she did not see any symptoms of Kovid. Jessica’s sister told the media that Jessica had gone to her clinic. She then met her family and went to the bathroom but did not return for long. When Jessica’s mother went and saw, her daughter was lying on the ground.

Her family is deeply shocked by Jessica’s death. Also, Jessica’s fans have also received a major setback. The apparent cause of his death has not yet been revealed. Please tell that Jessica worked in the film Election. Apart from this, he also worked in some TV shows. Which includes ‘The Safety of Objects’ and ‘Junk’ TV serials. However, Jessica retired from the acting world and became a doctor. 38-year-old Jessica also has a daughter named Oliver.

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