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Amel Bent went through “crying fits” because of her complexes


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“For all the young girls who do not feel beautiful enough for this world, you are not the problem, it is this world which does not see your beauty, at least not yet”, writes the singer.

This Wednesday, Amel Bent appeared in the new Apollo Magazine for his “First 100% fashion shoot”. The opportunity for the singer to confide in her physical complexes and her long struggle to accept her body. In an Instagram story, the 35-year-old Frenchwoman explains that this shooting “Means a lot” for her, to the point of having “Tears in my eyes”.

“I think of those years of discomfort, of crying fits in the changing rooms, the ‘dirty fat’ in the playground, the days at the beach or swimming pool wrapped in my towel away so that no one don’t see me in a swimsuit. Yes, I hated every part of my body and I resented the world for sending me back this distorted image of myself, complicit in this violence by advocating only a well-defined idea of ​​beauty ”, she recalls.

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Happy to have won what she calls “A silent battle for 20 years”, Amel Bent concluded her post by sending a positive message of self-acceptance to her community. “I’m writing this message for all the young girls who don’t feel beautiful enough for this world, it’s not you the problem, it’s this world that doesn’t see your beauty, at least not yet. “

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