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Alice Guy, film pioneer, will be entitled to her biopic


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Pamela B. Green, director of a documentary on Alice Guy, will once again pay tribute to the first filmmaker in the history of cinema with a biopic.

Among the big names in French cinema, there are the Lumière brothers, Georges Méliès and Jean Renoir. However, Alice guy was also a leading figure in the early days of French cinema. Unfortunately often forgotten, this filmmaker has made nearly 1,000 films.

For some time now, directors, journalists, etc. are trying to rediscover this woman unknown to the general public. Books, short films, documentaries, today’s artists pay homage to Alice Guy, the one who, then a simple secretary at Gaumont, proposed to make small fictions to help the marketing of cameras and projectors. So in 1896 she made her very first film, The Cabbage Fairy.

Pamela B. Green, American director, had embarked on a documentary project on the life and career of Alice Guy. For nearly eight years then, Pamela B. Green had assembled numerous archives, interviews, film clips, to compose Be Natural, the hidden story of Alice Guy-Blaché, released in 2020. It is therefore from this large number of exceptional archives that Pamela B. Green will produce a biopic on Alice Guy. With the help of Joan Simons, British historian, with whom she had previously worked for her documentary.

A film that promises to be fantastic, and which will explore the life and career of this exceptional woman who has helped in several technological advances in cinema. But who is also considered a pioneer, among others for The Life of Christ, first peplum in the history of cinema.

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