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Air India women pilots set to script history by flying over North Pole on worlds longest air route


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Air India women pilots to fly on world’s longest air route

Women pilots of Air India have now prepared to create a new history. A team of women pilots of Air India is going to fly on the world’s longest air route i.e. North Pole and the flight from San Francisco (SFO) will reach Bangalore on January 9 and cover a distance of about 16,000 km.

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An Air India official said that flying above the North Pole is very challenging and airline companies send their best and experienced pilots on this route. This time Air India has given a woman captain the responsibility of traveling from San Francisco to Bangalore via polar route.

According to the news agency ANI, Captain Zoya Aggarwal said that I am proud that my team has experienced captains like Captain Papagari, Akanksha Sonawane and Shivani Manhas. This is the first time such a team of pilots will fly above the North Pole, which will have only women and in a way will create this history. This is like a dream for any professional pilot that is going to come true.

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