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Against the scourge of domestic violence, the state will finance 1,000 new accommodation places


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As a part of the combat in opposition to home violence, Jean Castex, the French Prime Minister, introduced on Wednesday September 2 that 1,000 extra lodging locations will probably be put in place. Good information for girls, but additionally youngsters, victims.

I am announcing that we are going to release an envelope to finance 1,000 additional places”In order to combat in opposition to home violence, reported final September 2 Jean Castex, Prime Minister, on the event of a go to to the Maison des femmes de Saint-Denis, in Seine-Saint-Denis. Élisabeth Moreno, Minister for Gender Equality, added that “that brings us to 6,500 places for these women and children”.

While 1,000 extra locations had already been promised in 2019, many associations are questioning what has grow to be of them. Faced with this, Elisabeth Moreno clarified that they “have been created. And I will do everything to ensure that the 1000 others are and that we ensure that the mapping of these new accommodations is fair, whether in rural, urban or overseas areas. ”

In addition, senators Arnaud Bazin (LR) and Éric Bocquet (PCF) issued a criticism in regards to the financing of this undertaking which declares a median price of 25 euros per day and per place, whereas it “would require an expenditure of 40 to 50 euros”. “Twenty-five euros, I don’t intend to stop at that. We are currently working on this subject. It is not a question of accommodating women under any conditions”, Replied Élisabeth Moreno.

Finally, the Minister Delegate added that fifteen extra care facilities for perpetrators of home violence could be opened in 2020, then fifteen extra in 2021. “The victims must come out of the shadows. We must tell women: do not stay in this situation, come to us, come to the public service to file a complaint; we will also take care of you ”, insisted Jean Castex.

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