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Aditya Narayan: Announces Shaadi: With Girlfriend Shweta Agrawal: In December: Says Taking a Break for Shaadi Preparations from Social Media: – Aditya Narayan married girlfriend Shweta Agarwal


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Singer Aditya Narayan confirmed his relationship status with girlfriend Shweta Aggarwal some time ago. He had also told that he would tie the knot with girlfriend soon. Now Aditya has given the good news to the fans through social media posts. He has told when he will marry Shweta Aggarwal.

Aditya Narayan wrote the post, sharing the photo with Shweta. Aditya wrote, “We are getting married. I am the happiest guy in the world, who got Shweta, Mary Soulmate, 11 years ago and we are going to tie the knot in the month of December. We are both very private people. Believes that a person’s private life should be kept private. I am taking off from social media for wedding preparations. See you in December. It was said that at some time or other we will meet you somewhere. “

Recently, during an interview, Aditya spoke on the relationship with Shweta. Speaking to E-Times, Aditya said, “I met Shweta on the set of the film ‘Shapit’ and we had a good bonding. Then slowly I fell in love with Shweta. Initially she just wanted to be friends, as we were both young and wanted to focus on her career. Like every relationship, our relationship also fluctuated a lot. My parents like Shweta a lot. We can get married in November-December. “

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Aditya further said that I remember that some years ago people were guessing that mine and Shweta had a breakup. After that it was difficult to go out with Shweta. I know that there are problems in the relationship, but that does not mean it is over. These days the marriage breaks up very quickly, so both of us were getting to know each other well. So after so many years of relationship, I feel that now is the right time to get married.

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