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Actor And Voice Artist Of America ‘Adrian Pasdar’


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Adrian Pasdar

Son of a Cardio Surgeon, Homayoon Pasdar, Adrian Pasdar is an American actor and voice artist. Whole Family is competent and intellectual, Mother was a Travel Agent and Sister, Annamarie Pasdar is Theatrical Artistic Director and producer.

The American actor and voice artist also voiced alternate versions of Tony Stark and Iron Man in ‘Marvel Anime’.


Brother of a Talented Theatrical director and producer graduated from Marple New Town high School where he studied Acting. The talented guy was auditioned for a role in Top Gun at the age of 19. Tony Scott, a famous director, was so much impressed with the acting skills of Adrian. He also appeared as ‘Felix’ in an American TV drama ‘Grand Hotel’.

The American versatile actor and voice artist also directed a feature film Cement.


The Talented boy of a Talented Cardio Surgeon worked in many films and gives an outstanding performances. Let’s have a look at the movies in which he appeared:

  • Top Gun
  • Shanghai
  • Ghost Brigade
  • Shadows of Desire
  • Desperate Housewives
  • Heroes
  • Black panther
  • Burn Notice
  • Disney Infinity
  • Super Girl
  • A fall from Grace

The versatile American actor played the role of ‘Prosecutor Bradley’ in the Netflix 2020 movieA fall from Grace’. He played the role of Lieutenant Charles in film Debut Top Gun.

Whom did this phenomenal Actor married to??

The talented American actor and voice artist was married to Musician Natalie Maines on June 24, 2000.They both have a healthy and strong relation. The beautiful and talented couple is now parents of two sons, Jackson Pasdar and Beckett Finn Pasdar.

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The versatile actor and voice artist of America, Adrian Pasdar, worked in many movies and achieved awards for his amazing performances. He achieved Satrum Award for Best Supporting Actor in Television in 2009. The talented Actor also achieved Audience award for feature film Cement.

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