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A viral video that sparked criticism against Lionel Messi and his passivity


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Lionel Messi scored the goal that led Barcelona’s triumph in their third Champions League performance, leading Group G with the ideal score. However, for these hours in Spain there is only a viral video about the captain walking instead of pressuring a player from Kiev who is passing by.

Used as the best player of the team at this time of the party, the image in reality is not new. Since time has come, Messi chooses to press and to press the button. In the famous 2-8 against Bayern for the last Champions, both the Argentine and Luis Suárez quenaron in evidence by the null intense pressure that were on the central rivals when deciding to lead and advance in the field.

“Do you think there is a lack of action in the Barsa?”, Was the question that multiplied in social media networks when the party that Ronald Koeman’s team won 2-1 in Camp Nou ended.

In the program El Larguero, in Cadena Ser, the journalist Sique Rodriguez pointed out that Koeman lived there, saying that he would press all of the players and asked his companions: “Who is he who does not apply? Messi. Leo is not at llega, because he cannot bargain to three players and put her inside. If it is said that everyone has to press, then there will be a message to Messi. Leo has an impact and is the best player in history, but little by little you have to lose weight in the team. It was going to be traumatic. “

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Manu Carreño opinó: “I am convinced that Koeman is the first who does not ask Messi to press”. I mentioned that Julio Pulido, one of the columnists of the program, added: “How was Messi characterized by being pressured? If the problem in Barcelona is that Messi doesn’t press, delete and we’re going“.

“Messi besides generating sips, assistance and great opportunities in attack, how long do you have to defend and put pressure on the 90 minutes?” “A lack of respect for the players and the club, which pays them millions of dollars”, wrote someone on Twitter since the anonymity of the social network.

In the popular TV show El Chiringuito if you asked if Messi is sad, physically he is in decay, at the time that his driver, Josep Pedrerol, dedicated his editorial to the Argentine. “Messi is still the best but Leo is sad,” he said.

In Mundo Deportivo, finally, it was said that “Ronald Koeman was desperate and hated”, because “the intern was eloquently complaining about his assistant” in the way that my team was pressing the rival. “He despaired, speaking to the countryside, giving orders to his supporters in a vehement way. Renegó”, he wrote in the Catalan diary.

Precisely, this demand that the Dutch complain and that the video is not noticed in Messi is the one that opens the debate for these hours in Spain. Although, those who came out to defend it, they showed the complete picture of the game field, not cropped, in which it is noticed that the ten players of the field in Barcelona are defending well standing behind the line of the ball.

Messi, at the same time and despite his goal – his last five so many officials have been from the past 12 years -, have been to the center of the scene in Barcelona.


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