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A seagull stole a sandwich and stomped it to demise


NBC News

An incomprehensible case of violence towards animals unworthy for these hours to UK, since a workman stomped to demise a seagull that had stolen a sandwich.

The outrageous occasion occurred in East Sussexwhen a seagull stole a sandwich and tried to flee. The man, who was working fixing a premises, hit the hen first with a bit of wooden.

Once the seagull was on the ground, put her in a bag and began leaping on her, which ended up killing her, in keeping with the tabloid The Sun.

A witness stated that “apparently, the seagull took somebody his sandwich, and the employee sentenced her to demise, and beat her to demise. “

The wooden with which they hit the hen.

There is presently a petition for the justice and the police to take motion towards the bricklayer. The request has already obtained greater than 3,000 signatures from outraged animalists.

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