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A Moscow journalist explained why he would not be vaccinated


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Between the expectations and controversy that woke up the different vaccinations that have reached the last stages of testing and even the approval of the regulatory entities of each country for its application, different testimonies appear that tip the balance towards hope, confusion, or skepticism regarding its application.

Journalist Iaenzen Polymata He spoke on the Intratables program and said that the Russian vaccine to combat the coronavirus would not yet be given because, as he explained, it is not yet proven what incidents it could have in the long term. “I would not put it on now, unless they force me,” he said, noting “how risky” it seems to give it to him at this time.

“Obviously, there is a lot of risk of Collateral damage, allergic reactions or possible cancer problems later, “warned Polímata when talking to Intratables. In this regard, he added that it would be” to wait a little more, two or three months, until the vaccines “.

Despite these statements, he later added that it is important that health personnel wear it, but that the civilian population, that is, those who are not in the first line of fight against coronavirus, it can wait. Except, he clarified that the person has “a pre-existing pathology”, since if he were that person he would “put it on now because I think there it would minimize the risk. “

Finally, to refer to the fusion of vaccines, he risked that “AstraZeneca is probably going to make a union with Sputnik V “. And he added: “The Russian does not enter the European protocol because of the test numbers.”

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