This man used to study in the day, was guarded at night, became IIM professor like this after coming out of the hut

This man used to study in the day, was guarded at night, became IIM professor like this after coming out of the hut

The journey of 28-year-old Ranjith Ramachandran, from the watchman to the Mashuhar Institute, graduating from IIT and now becoming an assistant professor at IIM in Ranchi, inspires many to struggle against adverse situations in life. His Facebook post reads, “Here IIM Professor was born.” Below this post is a picture of a broken hut, a tarpaulin is hanging on the hut from which water dripped in the hut during the rainy days. .

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His inspirational post of April 9 spread on social media and he got 37000 likes. In that post, he has told the story of the struggle. Kerala Finance Minister TM Thomas Isaac congratulated Ramachandran on Facebook and said that he is an inspiration for everyone. He is known as ‘Ranjit R Panathoor’ on social media.

When Ramachandran earned a degree in economics from Pius Tenth College, he was working as a watchman at BSNL telephone exchange in Panathur, Kasargod. He wrote, “I used to go to college during the day and work in the telephone exchange at night.” After graduating, he got admission in IIT Madras but he had difficulties due to the fluency in the Malayalam language.

Frustrated, he decided to quit his PhD but his guide Subhash convinced him not to do so. He wrote, “I struggled and decided to make my dream come true” and he completed his PhD last year. For the past two months, he was an assistant professor at Christ University, Bangalore.

“I never thought that this post would spread,” he told reporters. I posted the story of my life in the hope that it would inspire some other people. I want everyone to dream well and fight to get it. ”

Ramachandran said that due to financial troubles, he had almost given up schooling almost once. His father is a teller and mother Mahatma Gandhi is a daily wage laborer in the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme.

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