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8 series with serial killers worth checking out

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For some time now, serial killers have been on the rise in the film industry. Documentaries, books, shows, films and series, serial killers fascinate. But forget about Criminal Minds, here are 10 other series featuring serial killers that are definitely worth checking out.

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8. You

2 seasons, season 3 to come.

There are series that at the beginning don’t say much. At first, You may appear a little blue flower. Indeed, a young bookseller named Joe falls madly in love with one of his clients, Guinevere Beck. Only, Joe is not a simple bookseller. Literally obsessed with Beck, he will spy on her, follow her, stalk her on social networks, etc. In short, Joe is the psychopath par excellence. But he’s also a killer. Over the course of the episodes, we learn more about Joe, about this sickly obsession he has for certain women, but also we discover that he is able to go further and further, and sink into madness.

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