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52 Gaj Ka Daman Singer Renuka Panwar Latest Song DJ Bajwadungi 3 Braking Internet


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Singer Renuka Panwar of 52 Yard Daman created a buzz with 'DJ Bajwa Dungi 3', Video crosses 2 crores

Renuka Panwar’s song ‘DJ Bajwa Doongi 3’ rocked

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Singer Renuka Panwar of 52 Gaj Ka Daman (52 Gaj Ka Daman) is making a big blast these days with her own singing. Ever since ’52 Ka Daman ‘Song, she is continuously winning the hearts of people with her Haryanvi Song. Now another song of his has made a splash on YouTube. The name of this song by Renuka Panwar (DJ Bajwadungi 3) is Renuka Panwar Song. The song has been released on the Dreams Records YouTube channel. Fans are also giving a lot of reaction on this Haryanvi Song.

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The popularity of Renuka Panwar’s song ‘DJ Bajwadungi 3’ can be gauged from the fact that it has been seen more than 20 million times so far. In Renuka Panwar’s Haryanvi Song, Naveen Naru, Pranjal Dahiya and Ashu Rana have acted. This song has been filmed on the occasion of marriage. Mukesh Jaji has given music in it

Let us know that Renuka Panwar is giving hit songs one after the other on consecutive hits. Earlier, his ‘Haryanvi Beat’ and Chatak Matak Song were also released. The special thing is that Sapna Choudhary was seen with Renuka Panwar in the song ‘Chatak Matak’. The pair of both had put the moon in the song. At the same time, speaking of his most popular song 52 Gaz Ka Daman, so far it has been seen more than 50 crore times on YouTube.

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