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2020 was not the year of women. These 10 issues are persistent in the society


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According to the National Family Health Survey, there has been a huge increase in Spousal Violence in the country. The problems of women increased all over the world. From the loss of jobs to the rise in domestic violence cases, many problems hindered the growth of women in 2020, trying to push them back.

UN experts believe that the Gender Poverty Gap will increase in 2021 in view of the deteriorating economic situation.

BBC We are in a ‘Shecession’ according to a report of Most of the patients who died from Covid 19 were men, but women lost more jobs than men in Pandmic.

1. Losing a job

Source: Rehab Pub

According to the Kenyan government, 12% of men and 20% of women lost their jobs in their country.

2. Child marriage

Source: Malawi Voice
Reuters According to a report of, child marriage in Malawi has increased by 350%.

3. Trafficking

Source: Legal Service India
Reuters According to the report, ‘Bride trafficking’ from Cambodia to China has increased.
Cases of cybersex trafficking have also increased worldwide. It streams children’s and women’s sexual acts live to clients anywhere in the world. The Philippines, a country considered a focal point for cyber sex trafficking, says cases have risen sharply. 10 Thousand Windows A report of.

4. Domestic violence

Source: The Conversation

Helpline numbers in many places increased the number of incoming help calls fivefold. Many countries have converted hotels and holiday spaces into refugee spaces.

5. Unpaid labor

Source: King’s College London

6. Women’s education

Source: YouTube

The number of teen pregnancies has increased in many countries.

7. Abortion

Source: Foreign Policy

Even in Malawi, a powerful religious organization is strongly opposed to a bill that would make abortion easier.

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Travel restrictions due to Covid-19 also caused problems in getting an abortion. Pressure also increased on clinics and healthcare centers.

8. Maternal health

Source: Mint Pro
U.S. Reproductive Health Research Institute,The Guttmacher Institute The health service estimates that the slightest disorder could lead to 15 million unwanted pregnancies, 28,000 maternal deaths and 3.3 million unsafe abortions. Many clinics, outreach programs were closed due to Kovid-19. Contraceptive pills production rates also declined due to the closure of factories.

9. Revenge Porn

Source: The Guardian
An activist in France #stopfisha Started the campaign by name. The campaign aimed to help victims report abuse.

A social media campaign in Morocco has empowered many revenge porn victims to fight.

Some women were harassed by Ex Partners, Abusive Partners, while some women’s accounts were hacked and strangers obtained private photos.

10. Female genital mutilation (FGM)

Source: Time

Several FGM cases occurred during lockdowns in East and West Africa. Many parents in such areas think that having ‘FGM’ will get their daughter a good son-in-law.

In Somalia, FGM practitioners went from house to house offering to circumcise girls.

Reuters According to a report by, an Egyptian father forcibly circumcised his three daughters. The doctor and the father were prosecuted. FGM is illegal in Egypt.

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