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2020 United States Primary Election Users Were Surprised To See Paneer Tikka Trending On Twitter


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One night before the election, Jaipal decided to cook. The dish she chose was Paneer Tikka in honor of Democratic Vice President Nominee Kamala Harris. Harris recently revealed that her favorite North Indian dish is “any type of tikka”.

On Twitter, 55-year-old Pramila Jaipal wrote, ‘Night-before-election activity: eat comfortably. This is Paneer Tikka tonight in honor of #KamalaHarris, as they just said on Instagram that their favorite North Indian food is any kind of tikka! ‘ He also added the hashtag # BidenHarris2020, urging American citizens to vote.

He made another post after the post, where he also explained the method of making this.

Many Twitter users reported that it was nothing like a traditional paneer tikka, which is not served with gravy.

Many Twitter users made fun of the tweet.

Like Kamala Harris, Pramila Jaipal belongs to Chennai. She was born in Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu and moved to the United States in 1982 at the age of 16.

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Kamala Harris’s mother, Shyamala Gopalan, was born in Chennai and moved to the US at the age of 19 for a doctoral program.

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