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20 countries request 1,000 million doses of the brand new Russian vaccine against covid-19


Russia’s Direct Investment Fund has received requests from more than twenty countries for the purchase of 1 billion doses of the Russian coronavirus vaccine, said the entity’s head, Kiril Dmtriyev, quoted by TASS agency.

“We see great interest abroad in the Russian vaccine developed” by the Gamaleya National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology, and “we have received preliminary requests from 20 countries for the purchase of more than 1 billion doses of the vaccine”, Dmtriyev said.

At the moment it is unknown which countries have made the requests, although Kiril Dmtriyev stressed that Russia It has agreed to produce its coronavirus vaccine in five nations and expects to receive approval for the production of the drug in several Latin American states by November.

The vaccine

Russian President Vladmir Putin announced on August 11 that his country has registered the world’s first coronavirus vaccine. The president specified that the vaccination of the population should be carried out exclusively on a voluntary basis, adding that he hopes that the mass production of the drug will begin shortly.

Artificially created, without any element of the coronavirus in its composition, the vaccine comes in lyophilized form, as a powder that is mixed with an excipient to dissolve it and then administered intravenously.

A total of 76 volunteers participated in the clinical trials of the vaccine, which aimed to assess its safety and effects on the body. The doctors considered the investigation successful and concluded that the vaccine is safe: at the end of the process “all the volunteers had immunity”. Yelena Smoliarchuk, director of the Schenov University Center for Clinical Drug Research, said that maximum protection is achieved three weeks after injection, when the immune system response is triggered.




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