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15 Pets Are Eagerly Waiting for You to Guess Which Disney Character They Belong To


If you’re a fan of Disney animation, you probably know that it wouldn’t be the same without its characters’ lovely pets. They give the films a unique touch of magic, mischief, and humor, making them impossible to forget. Many may remember the pets more than the main characters — and some may even have their rooms filled with images or souvenirs in honor of these cute, furry friends. But can you name them and their owners? Only true fans can.

Bright Side wants to give you a test to prove your knowledge about the pets that appear in Disney’s animated movies. Each pet will have 3 possible owners and you have to choose the right one. Don’t worry if you don’t know the answer: by tapping on the image, you’ll be able to see the right choice. Good luck.

1. Pua

2. Rajah

3. Figaro

4. Meeko

5. Abu

6. Clover

7. Pascal

8. Mushu

9. Djali

10. Pegasus

11. Angus

12. Pluto

13. Stitch

14. Gus and Jack

15. Bolt

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