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11 cult comedies that do credit to French cinema


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Ah French comedies… If it is true that we are not always very efficient in terms of science fiction or adventure films, it is quite different for the register of comedy, which is one of the irons spearhead of French cinema and which is aimed at a very large audience. From La Grande Vadrouille to OSS 117 via Le Diner de cons, the DGS offers you a little flashback on the most memorable of them.

This list is not at all exhaustive but presents some of the most memorable comedies in French cinema, listed in order of release and by year. The humor being completely subjective, these are the films which are unanimously best ranked by the press and the public on sites like AlloCine or First.


Released in 1964, the producers did not necessarily have much hope in this film, and yet thanks to the talent of Louis de Funes, of Michel galabru and others (Jean Lefebvre, Christian Marin, Guy Grosso and Michel Modo) the film was a great success with 7.8 million viewers. If the most famous gendarme in France was entitled to 6 adventures spread over 18 years, the first film remains the most emblematic and the most appreciated by the public.

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