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10 year old girl is surprised to see weight lifting video, dreams of going to Olympics


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10-year-old girl is doing weight lifting indiscriminately, you will be surprised to see video

A 10-year-old girl named Aeryn-Ejjina Atkinson remains an inspiration for fitness not only for children but also for elders. This little girl can also bear twice her weight. Every morning before going to school, she takes training very diligently. Let me tell you that this girl started weightlifting at the age of 7. Her father Craig always supports her for this.

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During a conversation, the child’s father said, “He loves fitness.” She wants to grow up and go to the Olympics, Commonwealth Games and CrossFit Games. Even on Christmas, he had asked me for weight-dropping equipment instead of toys. Which cannot be the demand of any child. “


Erin told her father, “She takes full care of her fitness regime and practices daily with dumbbells and kettle balls.” She has also won many awards and medals so far. His dream is that he will grow up and bring glory to his country’s name in the Olympics. She also wants to start her own dim. ”

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