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10 series actors who have been replaced by others for the same role


It happens that in your favorite series, some of the characters – whether primary or secondary – are replaced by other actors. And this, often without any explanation. Frustration at not knowing why this eviction takes place and anger to see one of his favorite actors who had lent his features to a character for a few years disappear. Most of the time, these changes are incomprehensible and the reasons are unconvincing. While other times change is inevitable for the proper functioning of the series. Whether amicably, for storytelling reasons or because of conflict with the actors or the production, you will see that nothing prevents the series from continuing without their starting actor or actress. On the small screen as on the big screen, you will see that no one is irreplaceable.


10. Dick York – Jean-Pierre Stephens – MA beloved witch

We start with a classic that almost all generations know. MA beloved witch and the famous nasal gesture of its main character to perform magic tricks are well known to the general public. This is probably one of the first changes to come in a series. From 1964 to 1969, comedian Dick York played Jean-Pierre, the husband of our beloved witch. But from season 6, it is another Dick, Sargent, who appears in the guise of Samantha’s husband. Due to serious back problems which prevented him from practicing his activity and forced his career to be put on hiatus, Dick York naturally gave way to Dick Sargent.


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